This year you will see some changes to the operation of Lake Harmony.  The goal is to have a SAFER season of boating for Lake Harmony Residents.  The yellow markers have been reinstalled to ensure non-motorized watercraft have a recognizable flow of traffic between the yellow markers and the shoreline that keeps them from spilling into the “boating highway.”  You will see private security at the lake access points to ensure everyone on the lake is supposed to be on the lake.  The Lake Harmony Group’s Rules & Regulations require a Boat Permit.  The Boat Permit ensures each watercraft carries boat insurance.  The Boat Permit pays for the insurance on Lake Harmony.  It pays for the security at Lake Harmony.  Most importantly, it pays for the projects that keep Lake Harmony healthy including the Clean-Flo Aeration Project and various stormwater management projects.  Please, ensure you have your 2021 Boat Permit.


Welcome to the home of Lake Harmony Group!

Lake Harmony Group - P.O. Box 341 - Lake Harmony, PA 18624-0341 - Tel: (570) 401-5857


(Last Updated June 14, 2021)

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