The Lake Harmony Group (LHG) is the entity that, since 2002, has owned the access roads that run from North and South Lake Drives, the access areas at the base of these roads, and the majority of the lake bed. These areas were owned by Yamulla Trucking Company prior to 2002.  The LHG is its own corporate entity and whose directors are members of both the Lake Harmony Association and Lake Harmony Estates.  The Lake Harmony Estates and the Lake Harmony Association each own 50% of the corporation  Each entity (LHA/LHE) elects three representatives for a total of four board members and two directors.

The purpose of LHG is:

  1. To promote the environmental integrity and preservation of Lake Harmony and the adjacent area.

  2. To provide for safe boating and aquatic recreational activities and sports. In an effort to ensure that happens, please read the Pennsylvania Boating Handbook available here:

        PA Boating Handbook.pdf.

  1. To support the safe, orderly and appropriate use of Lake Harmony and the real estate owned by the Lake Harmony Group.

LHG works with other groups interested in the welfare of Lake Harmony, including the Lake Harmony Association, the Lake Harmony Estates Property Owners Association, the Lake Harmony Watershed Preservation Group, and the Resort at Split Rock to accomplish these important goals. Through this website, you will have access to the latest news from the LHG, Board and contact information, and the ability to pay applicable lake usage fees.

We welcome you to Lake Harmony and look forward to seeing you around the lake!

Welcome to the home of Lake Harmony Group!

Lake Harmony Group - P.O. Box 341 - Lake Harmony, PA 18624-0341 - Tel: (570) 401-5857


(Last Updated April 19, 2020)